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LIFETIME – “Jersey’s Best Dancers” LP (limited edition)


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Lifetime – “Jersey’s Best Dancers” LP (limited edition)

One of the key American hardcore bands of the 1990s, Lifetime absorbed the vocal and lyrical stylings of emo (that’s emo as it was back in the mid ’90s, on labels such as Tree, Doghouse, Crank, Jade Tree,  etc.), along with the punchy melodic anthems launched by the likes of Lookout, Fat Wreck and Dr. Strange – to deliver a triumphant end result that earns the well deserved title of classic. Still sounding great twenty-odd years later. If I remember right, the year before this album’s release, back in 1996, Jade Tree released a 7″ by Lifetime, and when I heard The Boy’s No Good I thought to myself, uh hello, game changer… and sure enough…

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