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Slint – “Tweez” LP

Watter fans sit-up and take note: Slint were a Louisville, Kentucky band master-minded by legendary drummer Britt Walford (of Squirrel Bait, Evergreen, Breeders , and of course, more recently, Watter) joined by other youngsters from the infamous Louisville hardcore scene – Dave Pajo of Solution Uknown, Brian McMahan also of Squirrel Bait etc. Together they went on to change the sound of non-mainstream popular music… but you wouldn’t neccessarily know that by listening to their debut album of 1989 (originally released on Jennifer Hartman Records)…. Dischordant and angular, like a jazzy Big Black (recorded, it should be noted, by Mr Albini) and not without an element of tricky-to-navigate improv, it was a recording session from kids that were out-growing hardcore, and inadvertently, amongst other things, inventing the math rock genre.

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