TERMINAL NATION – “Echoes Of The Devil’s Den” LP


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Black vinyl. 2024

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Terminal Nation – “Echoes Of The Devil’s Den” LP

A follow-up to 2020’s debut album (Holocene Extinction) with another barrage of boiling rage to smash apart the injustices of modern American life in the 2020s. Terminal Nation’s heavy metallic brutality – a la early Entombed – places them comfortably within the 20 Buck Spin stables; while their thick, sludgey, guitar tone, and scathing social commentary, gives them an outsider status, sharing more in common with His Hero Is Gone and bands like Hatred Surge, Cult Leader or Racetraitor. In that respect, even when the vocals become clean, and a little synth or symphonic soloing sneaks in, it all remains intense and retains its serious-minded intention. A big, bold, brutal album.

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