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 Skullshitter / Bleeding Out Рsplit LP

Superior grindcore from New York City, incorporating all sorts of juicy old school influences, both metal and punk – early Napalm Death vocals , Morbid Angel style shredding and Assuck super-tight intensity (I always reference Assuck on these occasions, and rightly so, they were benchmark grinders) – combined with a more modern interpretation of the style which lines them up beside Pig Detroyer and Full Of Hell. Bleeding Out, (who I haven’t come across before – this is their debut vinyl release) are from Toronto and feature ex-members of Endless Blockade, Column of Heaven, Abyss and Fuck the Facts. Packed full of personality and grind-charm, they are an equal match to their comrades on the flip side, albeit punked-up with a touch of HHIG/Hatred Surge/Capitalist Casualties.

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