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QUICKSAND – “Distant Populations” LP


Epitaph Records

Gatefold sleeve, blck vinyl. 2021

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Quicksand – “Distant Populations” LP

Their fourth album, and follow-up to the comeback/reunion LP, Interiors, of 2017. There was a time, within the (original) post-hardcore hierarchy, when New York’s Quicksand were ranked second in command to Fugazi. Now, almost 30 years later, these same gentleman are still instantly recognisable as the same Quicksand we knew and loved back in the old days: groovy open string riffing, tight, muscular rhythms, and confidently crafted tunes. Alround, a very solid recording. And basically, no matter how long ago it was, you write a song as breathtakingly amazing as “Dine Alone” and you will own my attention for evermore.

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