LIQUIDS – “Life is Pain Idiot” LP


Nailbiter / Drunken Sailor Records

Black vinyl, includes flexi and poster. 2022

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Liquids – “Life is Pain Idiot” LP

The fact that this album contains 27 tracks, most of which are around the one minute mark, is almost all that you might need to know – it’s fast, it’s punk, and its impolite. It’s… a delinquent hardcore energy that burns, quick as you like, through a selection of tunes to rival Devo, The Dickies and The Buzzcocks. This Indiana-based collective (with ties to Coneheads, CCTV, The Fritz etc.) banged out two albums (one a double) and a fist-full of tapes and 7” EPs between 2015 and 2018, and now finally, after a long silence, Liquids are back in town, doing exactly what they did before. Comes with 4 Song Flexi, huge lyric sheet/ poster. And mastered, appropriately enough, by Geza X.
” The playing is as tight as ever, the songs are perfection. This band might be tidier than ever, but that doesn’t stop them from burning everything to the ground” – M.R.R.

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