ZAO – “The Crimson Corridor” Double LP


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Gatefold sleeve, double vinyl. 2021

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Zao – “The Crimson Corridor” Double LP

A new 60-minute 11 song album from the long-serving metalcore band from Pennsylvania. There are way too many Zao records out there for me to be able to keep up with ’em. And, although I’m fine with spirituality/faith being a motivational force for self expression, Zoa’s earlier line-up was just too heavily into the Christianity trip for my tolerance, (Chritian metalcore? it’s just…nah). But for Zao nowadays, like most modern folk, the daft churchy-god-thing has been left behind; while the sound remains much as I remember it: well executed aural punishment, with the right balance of harsh power and musical inventiveness; and that now sits comfortably alongside young, new(er) bands like Seeyouspacecowboy, Portrayal Of Guilt, Wristmeetrazor and Acacia Strain.

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