RANDY HOLDEN – “Population II” LP


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Gatefold sleeve, hand-numbered and signed. 2020

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Randy Holden – “Population II” LP

Students of Underground Rock who want to nail their comprehensive understanding of the origins of heavy metal, and doom metal in particular, start right bloody here. A power duo formed by Randy Holden, fresh off a year-long tenure with proto-metal/hard rock pioneers Blue Cheer, set up a wall of twenty 200 watt Sunn amps, (in an opera house), to make the original voyage into the other side of volume ten. One of the great unsung and unfulfilled careers of rock history, rescued and eulogised by Julian Cope within his Head Heritage site/Copendium book “… a legendary album for several reasons, but none more than it being the most strung-out, wrung-out, ambient hulk of metal-work to rise from the mystic portals that crossed the 1960s over into 1970……However, unlike most ‘lost gems’ that fetch big money n collectors’ circles, Population II is a genuiely life-changing experience.” Repressed for 2020, fifty years after its original release, each copy signed (by Randy Holden) and numbered.

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