NO ESCAPE – “Selective Punches: A Collection Of Ballads & Battle Hymns” LP


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Yellow vinyl, includes download. 2021

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No Escape – “Selective Punches: A Collection Of Ballads & Battle Hymns” LP

An incredible band that some might remember from the early 1990s. Tied-in with Turning Point, sharing that infamous split 7″ on Temperance Records, but the No Escape approach was heavier and more angst-driven. Still featuring Tim Singer of seminal metalcore band Deadguy as well as Kiss it Goodbye, (and more recent: Process Black/Bitter Branches), along with Steven Crudello of Turning Point, No Escape returns with six killer, new songs that feature their unmistakeable brand of metal-tinged hardcore. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 200 copies.

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