PROMISE RING – “30 Degrees Everywhere” LP


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 Black vinyl. 2018

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The Promise Ring – “30 Degrees Everywhere” LP

Indie punk from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, formed by Davey von Bohlen of Cap’n Jazz, along with members of the less wellk known None Left Standing and Ceilishrine. The 1996 debut album, recorded by Casey Rise who had previously worked with Sunny Day Real Estate (a pretty significant influence for The Promise Ring). It was a prime example of the mid-90s wave of post-hardcore-emo: straight edge hardcore boys who got sensitive (with spectacles and cute looks), and got heavily into introspective indie-rock tunes. Resulting in some pretty great bands and records to list alongside The Promise Ring: Braid, Texas Is The Reason, Christie Front Drive, American Football, Sensefield etc.

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