SAND IN THE FACE – “Music Made To Riot” LP


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Black vinyl, (600 copies), includes insert with liner notes. 2015

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Sand In The Face – “Music Made To Riot: New Jersey Hardcore 1982-1983” LP

This LP compiles the earliest recordings by these first-wave New Jersey hardcore punks. They went on to release an underrated album in 1985, but this collects the demos from an earlier line up (featuring a young, pre-Chrome Crank Peter “Aaron” Wegele on bass), largely recorded at Mix-O-Lydian Studios where the Misfits had previously laid down Walk Among Us. It’s loose, rough-edged and rudimentary (of the tape-trader standard of the day), but nonetheless, a cool slice of disaffected, suburban, teenage thrash that is of historical interest to fans of N.O.T.A., L.A.’s Youth Brigade, and New Jersey contemporaries like Adrenalin OD, Bedlam, and of course the Misfits. Mike Judge attended the same high school as members of Sand In The Face and credits them with inspiring him to start the band Judge.

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