MANIAC / SPY – “Split” 7″


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Yellow vinyl (200 copies), includes insert and download. 2022

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Maniac / Spy – “Split” 7″

Spy are on the receiving end of a high surge in ‘public’* interest at the moment (*the ‘public’ being a handful of dedicated hardcore-DIY-punk fanatics, myself among ’em). The same thing happened with Gulch around a year ago, and the two bands share more in common than the buzz of popularity, as it’s a pretty similar style of knuckle-dragging aggro hardcore that the two bands have mastered. The kind of buzz that leads to a feeding frenzy of limited pressings isn’t always a welcome thing – did anyone else feel a little bit caught-out by the noisy hype surrounding Boston Strangler a few years ago? The usual caveats apply… But in this instance the West Coast’s Spy are up against a formidable opponent from the East Coast, and anyone who knows Massachusett’s Maniac, and who picked-up a copy of their debut full-length of 2019 , War And Insanity, (and if you didn’t – do it asap!), will know that this an equal match, and that this split EP easily transcends any over-pumped hype bullshit. These are the yellow vinyl variant that are to exclusive to Revelation Records.

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