SCHOOL DRUGS – “Modern Medicine” LP


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Coloured vinyl. 2019

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School Drugs – “Modern Medicine” LP

From New Jersey, where Pharmaceutical companies reign supreme, School Drugs launch their debut full-length release to a drug-addled world. The album features ten tracks of highly medicated yet seldom sedated hardcore punk. Tense and hyperactive, with a hanging-by-a-thread grasp on sanity. This reinvents the timeless formula of classic North American hardcore (Black Flag, Necros, Poison Idea, D.I., In God We Trust-era Dead Kennedys), and is therefore ideal for fans of No Problem, Career Suicide, Nightbirds and Government Warning. Seriously, if you have an inclination towards fast, energetic, hook-laden hardcore punk (with a beligerent attitude), then you may have just discovered your new favourite band.

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