ABRASION – “Born To Be Betrayed” LP


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Black vinyl (200 copies). 2022

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Abrasion – “Born To Be Betrayed” 12″EP

Five new tracks of metallic hardcore on a very limited 12″ EP by this Southern Californian outfit that features the Dare vocalist Angel Garcia (plus ex members SeeYouSpaceCowboy and Berthold City). For fans of All Out War, Merauder, and Knocked Loose – metallic hench-core that is tough and punchy. I don’t know how seriously this band takes itself, at times it’s kind of corny, but in a weird way that is a large part of its appeal. I like this much more than the bands they have been influenced by. If Nasum did beatdown it would sound exactly like this. Vinyl version limited to 200 copies – thus the high price. (CD version gets an additional three tracks).

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