SWORDWIELDER – “System Overlord” LP


Profane Existence / Scream Records

Black vinyl, with poster insert, sticker. 2019

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Swordwielder – “System Overlord” LP

Like many others before them, these Swedish guys have studied hard at the UK school of 1980s post-anarcho-metal ( I dont wanna use the C-word). I think it’s safe to say Amebix (more than Antisect) are the biggest influence on Swordwielder – take away the parts that were Killing Joke, Motorhead (and a touch Venom) and you get left with the pure distilled essence of the Amebix sound, which is exactly what Swordwielder have shamelessly – and expertly – plundered, right down to the imagery and graphics. Inhale the stench of a new apocalypse, reinvented for 2020. Once again, straining at the leash.

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