T.S.O.L. – “Beneath The Shadows” LP


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Limited edition, gold foil, includes insert. 2020

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True Sounds Of Liberty – “Beneath The Shadows” LP

The second album by LA’s pioneers of hardcore punk, originally released in 1983 through Alternative Tentacles Records. Showcasing a slight change of style compared to the previous album of 1981 (and also a further progression from the inbetween Weathered Statues 7″ that was also released by A.T. in’82) by following the lead of The Damned and Siouxsie and the Banshees into a gothic rock-pop sound – which confused their hardcore punk fanbase, but quickly found a new appreciative audience who regarded it as an instant post punk classic. (I guess really, you could consider it one of the earliest examples of ‘post-hardcore’)… Like the 2019 repress of Dance With Me, this has been re-released by UK label, Dink (run by Scott of Hard Skin/Broccoli), with an impressive gold foil sleeve.

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