VARIOUS – “Flex Your Head” LP


Dischord Records

Includes poster and download. 2010

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Various – “Flex Your Head” LP

Dischord’s sampler album featuring early hardcore punk bands from the Washington, D.C. area around the years 1980 to 1982. Taking its title from the Minor Threat lyric shouted in their cover version of Wire’s “12XU”, Flex Your Head served as either a debut or sophomore release for every band on it (except Minor Threat – this was their third appearance on vinyl), most of whom had already split up by the time of the album’s release (The Teen Idles, S.O.A. The Untouchables, Youth Brigade, Red C, Deadline and Artificial Peace) leaving just Iron Cross, Void and Governement Issue as the sole survivors. Oh, and Minor Threat , too, once they had reformed. This remastered version on 2010 features the D.C. ‘stars and bars’ flag on the sleeve.

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