PRIMITIVE MAN – “Immersion” LP


Relapse Records

Black vinyl, includes insert and download. 2020

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Primitive Man – “Immersion” LP

The sound of Yog-Sothoth emerging, tentacled-testicles first, through the cosmic threshold. Denver, Colorado’s monolithic doom-sludge overlords return with a very fitting end to 2020. Huge, oppressive riffs enveloping all in their path, driven at glacial pace (aside from the occasional blast beat) with a power that recalls the Swans back in their darkest, nastiest past. A recording so HEAVY it possess its own gravitational pull. That three people can generate this much noise is to be hailed with raised, outstretched hands… before Yog-Sothhoth melts our brains and squishes our pathetic fleshiness.

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