PRO PATRIA MORI – “Where Shadows Lie” LP


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Includes booklet and download. 2018

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Pro Patria Mori – “Where Shadows Lie” LP

Anarcho punk of the mid-80s from Wokingham, Southeast England. A band who failed to achieve a vinyl release in their time but they did record two demos of which Where Shadows Lie (recorded and released in 1986) is the second. A slated release for Peaceville Records that never happened – which is a shame, at that moment in time it would have been a natural home for this style of fast protest punk (with a metallic hardcore edge), comfortable alongside Doom, Deviated Instinct, Civilised Society, Atavistic etc.
Comes with an A3 Lyric Sheet plus a 44 Page Booklet with interviews, handouts, Fanzine pieces, reviews and more.

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