Various – “Every Winter Is Cold” LP


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White vinyl includes inserts and download code. 2019

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Various – “Every Winter Is Cold” A New England Hardcore Compilation LP

A compilation LP of hardcore punk is a rare thing these days. A good one even rarer. Considering the importance of ‘Various’ albums in the early years (Flex Your Head, Let Them Eat Jelly Beans, P.E.A.C.E. etc. etc.) you have to wonder what killed them off? I think the cheap label samplers of the ’90s are partly to blame (and too many good intentioned but half arsed local scene efforts too, if I’m honest). Hats off to Atomic Action for breathing new life into an old media. Hats off too New England – at this point in time your region has – got – it – go – ing – on (the crucial comp ingredient). Included are tracks by Restraining Order, Vantage Point, Dropdead, Wound Man, Antagonize, Anxious, Brother. 18 bands in total, ranging from youth crew to power violence to gruff melodic punk. And not a stinker among ’em.

“Every Winter Is Cold” A NEHC Comp by “Every Winter Is Cold” A New England Hardcore Compilation

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