PUNITIVE DAMAGE – “This Is The Blackout” LP


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Sealed copiesĀ  (vinyl = ?). 2023

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Punitive Damage – “This Is The Blackout” LP

A thirteen track debut album by this hardcore band from the Pacific Northwest region of America and Canada. Words screamed in both English and Spanish by vocalist and sometimes Regional Justice Center bassist Steph Jerkova. This one instantly grabs your attention, and then, with a vice grip, doesn’t let go. At a time of screamy-shouty hardcore gaining more attention from a broader listenership – which is fine, all good and healthy – but, but, but, damn! it’s sooo refreshing to hear the real deal once again. No fluffiness, or preening for the photo-shoot; just raw, uncompromising hardcore rage that is on a mission to enlighten, to release the frustrations that are otherwise held within, and to fuck shit up.

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