NAPALM DEATH – “Order Of The Leach” LP


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Napalm Death – “Order Of The Leach” LP

The tenth studio album, it was released in 2002, and the first ND record to feature guitarist Mitch Harris (formerly of Righteous Pigs). Barney’s vocals are impressively raging on this album, and Shane Embury, the consist backbone of the band since 1987, holds it all together like the unsung bass-warrior-hero that I think he has become. What a trooper. To be able to distinguish one ND LP from another is an act of dedication that I don’t possess, but in recent years I’ve grown to admire and respect these guys, mainting a standard of social awareness, political suss and ethical integrity. Is it still grindcore? I dunno… but there’s a definitely a need for smart, progressive death metal, so I’m glad they’re still around…

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