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Black vinyl, slip-case cover. 2021

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Portrayal Of Guilt – “Christfucker” LP

The blackened-hardcore trio’s second album of 2021. Ten tracks of skin-flaying fury that takes a chuggy/blastbeat hardcore template and, utilising all the (not inconsiderable) musical dexterity they can muster, successfully pushes it to industrial strength levels of extreme noise. The screamo tendencies of their earlier recordings seem to have given way to an increased black metal nihilism (‘evil-screamo’ maybe?); while producer Ben Greenberg (of current tourmates Uniform) has broadened their hellish palate by contributing some caustic soundscapes (like a more accessible version of what Creation Is Crucifixion were doing many moons ago). Jenna Rose of New York darkwave project Anatomy also helps-out with vocals; as too does Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré. Overall making Christfucker one of this Texas band’s most diverse and ambitious sessions to date. And all the better for it. Comes in an interestingly designed die-cut/slip-case sleeve, to help conceal the rather fruity sentiment expressed within the title.

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