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Temporary Residence

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Watter – self-titled LP

Slint-o-philes sit-up and take note: Watter is a trio made up Zak Riles of Grails, and legendary drummer Britt Walford of Slint, Evergreen, Breeders, Squirrel Bait etc. (his first substantial role in a new active band in nearly twenty years). Six genre-defying compositions of instrumental mood music that float way-off into the ether, and god-knows where they came from… Transcental and other-wordly, born out of many late-night jam sessions – a heady mix of psychedelic rock, new age electro and motorik beats. Many songs also feature fellow Louisville, Kentucky musicians: Rachel Grimes (Rachel’s), Todd Cook (The For Carnation) and Tony Levin (King Crimson).

This World by Watter

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