SOUL GLO – “Songs To Yeet At The Sun” LP (Copy)


Secret Voice

Colour vinyl, probably baby pink, with screen printed b-side. 2020



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Soul Glo – “Songs To Yeet At The Sun” LP

A collection of voices from Black Philadelphia – this couldn’t be any more pertinent. And it couldn’t be any more mental, either, for that matter – a compelling sonic fusion that skits from full-fight, wild-man-on-the-loose punked-up energy (weirdly reminscent of John Zorn’s Torture Garden to my ears) to dark Dälek-style electronic beats. So yes, this is within hardcore meets rap territory, but keep in mind also that this is released by Touché Amoré‘s vocalist, Jeremy Bolm, on his Secret Voice label (an offshoot of Deathwish).

Songs to Yeet At The Sun by SOUL GLO

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