NIGHTFEEDER – “Cut All Of Your Face Off” LP


Deathraid Records

180 gram black vinyl, includes insert. 2022

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Nightfeeder – “Cut All Of Your Face Off” LP

Following their demo and EP on Blackwater, Seattle’s Nightfeeder return with their debut full length, one of the big hitters of 2022. Twelve tracks making plenty of wholesome references to past classics: Anti-Cimex, Extreme Noise Terror, No Security, Discharge, Christ On Parade, Citizens Arrest and countless others; echoes of the past pop-up in brief moments, instantly familiar, only to be then recalibrated in new, exciting sonic twists- this is satisfying hardcore D-beat reinvention that you can really sink your teeth into. A new chapter from the people behind Deathraid, Consume, Shitlist, State of Fear, Disrupt, etc. Pressed on heavy duty 180 gram black vinyl, but aside from that, the high price is a little hard to justify – these copies, self-released, come (almost) direct from the band, I’m sure they have their reasons for the price tag…

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