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Indie Store Exclusive coloured vinyl. 2021

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Pinhead Gunpowder – “Jump Salty” LP

Recorded 30 years ago, this compilation of singles and compilation tracks is back on vinyl for the first time in over a decade. The assortment of bands from which the members hail from is the key to the the sound of Pinhead Gunpowder: Aaron Cometbus (Crimpshrine, Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, Sweet Baby), Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day, The Longshot), Sarah Kirsch (Fuel, Baader Brains, Mothercountry Motherfuckers, etc.), and Bill Schneider (Monsula, Uranium 9 Volt, Dead Sound). At the heart of this collection of songs is a sense of shared, (perhaps drunken), FUN. At times loose and sloppy, but always held togther by the casual strength of their combined musical talents. Like the sound of lookout Records concentrated down into one band. The cover songs are especially good.

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