ICONS OF FILTH – “Onward Christian Soldiers” LP


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Black vinyl. 2020

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Icons Of Filth – “Onward Christian Soldiers” LP

The seminal, UK, anarcho-punk classic, Onward Christian Soldiers was released by Mortarhate in 1984. A fierce wall of miltant punk noise, somewhere alongside Antisect, Anti-System, Discharge and Dirt. Overshadowed to a certain extent by the more popular Conflict, and yes, Conflict had the superior musicanship (with a guitarist and drummer that were hard to match), but Icons had far better lyrics, and unsurpased sleeve art/graphics (with the best hand-written text style, ever!). In some respects they were leagues ahead of their street/anarcho-punk peers – breaking into a heavier, faster stampede of rage that was reaching-out towards a (proto) hardcore style. Released in 2020 on vinyl for the first time in America, this version is on Punk N Vomit Records (loads better than the shoddy bootleg quality of the recent Let Them Eat Vinyl version).

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