MDC – “Metal Devil Cokes” LP


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Orange translucent vinyl. 2022

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MDC – “Metal Devil Cokes” LP

The fourth studio album from the Texas, by way of San Francisco, political punks, initially released in 1989 on Boner/R Radical Records.  Following on from the previous album, This Blood’s For You, (which I liked a lot at the time)… I struggled with this one –  not enough hardcore thrash, and a little too much of the broader influences sneaking-in. The band’s aspirations were probably set a little higher in terms of musical range. Which, several years down the line, is understandable really, but the end result does make for an album that is, track by track, a little hit/miss… (towards the end of side two you’re thinking to yourself, woah, Dave, were you going, boy?). Back in 1989 I was watching Gorilla Biscuits play, and it felt like things had moved forward, so I guess at that point in time MDC felt a wee bit has-been… however, time has been generous, and playing it again all these years later, can’t deny, it is (mostly) very enjoyable, and, as these copies are rescued warehouse finds they are cheap too!


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