SARABANTE – “Poisonous Legacy” LP


Southern Lord Records

Black vinyl. 2016

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Sarabante – “Poisonous Legacy” LP

Athen’s Sarabante are key participants in the wave of new punk bands – Antimob, Λιθη (Lethe), Ruined Families, Dirty Womb etc. – that coincided (coincidently?) with the  Greek political and social upheavel in the tumultuous years that followed the international financial crash of 2008. in 2011 Southern Lord – always on the hunt for international punk and metal bands that ticked the boxes of dark, heavy and aggressive –  put out a CD version of Sarabante’s self-released debut album, Remnants, and this album, Poisonous Legacy, followed in 2016. An amazing example of the politically charged, heavyweight, blackened hardcore that come out of Mainland Europe (often under the radar) in the wake of bands like Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Wolfbrigade and Skitsytem etc.

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