ICEBURN – “Asclepius” LP


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Black vinyl. 2021

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Iceburn – “Asclepius” LP

The return of the band formerly known as the Iceburn Collective. Formed way back in 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Always the outriders, from the hardcore/sXe debut 7″ released by Victory Records and onwards through an assortment of experimental/fusion heavy-rock albums, culminating with Asclepious, their first recording in twenty years. According to central member Gentry Densley, this new album is a throwback to their original sound that recalls Firon (released by Victory in 1992 – and well worth checking out as an overlooked progressive-metal/post-hardcore classic, and, notably, a year ahead of 108’s first release) and Hephaestus (released on Revelation in 1993). Traditional heavy (stoner) metal and hardcore punk mixed with an (almost avant garde) proggy complexity, and of course (as it’s Southern Lord), doom-laden heaviness. A finely executed mix of Bl’ast!, Black Sabbath, Primus and Mars Volta. A 35 minute album comprised of two long tracks, with a theme of classic Greek mythology.

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