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WILD SIDE – “Who The Hell Is Wild Side?” LP



Gold vinyl, limited to 300. 2019

Who The Hell Is WILD SIDE? by Wild Side

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Wild Side – “Who The Hell Is Wild Side?” LP

The first LP from Niagra Falls, Ontario, Candada’s Wild Side. Undeniably retro in feel, the influence is NYHC of old (Warzone, Agnostic Front, Token Entry, Gorilla Biscuits etc.) – the guitars are fast and furious, (with wailing solos going off in all directions), the beats are heavily groove-based, and the vocals have the frantic, street-smart delivery that conjures-up that point in time when New York’s underground scenes (of Hip hop and hardcore) were cross pollinating in a subtle, but exciting, ways. Essentially, an album that updates the entire “The Way It Is” compilation, with bigger, brighter, modern-day production, and filtered by the passing of time.

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