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Purple vinyl, limited to 300, comes with patch. 2018

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Rash Decision – “Karōshi” LP

Long-serving pioneers of West Country hardcore unleashed this, their second full-length LP, in 2018. 14 tracks of mental-fast thrash, that breaks-out into an occassional power-violent sprint (which, with the dual vocal assault, instantly brings to mind Spazz, and, on the crustier side of things, a little Citizens Arrest, too), and then drops into chuggy, circle-pit-stomps that are more in the headbanger-crossover style of Iron Reagan, Power Trip and Municipal Waste. All the while tied together by the insanely tight beats of an outrageously talented (and very pumped-up) drummer. I recently witnessed these guys turn a backstreet bar in a backwater town into a seething mass of slam dancing mayhem, the likes of which I hadn’t experienced in years and years. And fucking brilliant it was.

These copies come with the (one-off) addition of a hand screened Rash Decision patch!

Rash Decision bandcamp

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