LEATHERFACE – “Cherry Knowle” LP


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Black vinyl, includes insert and download. 2022



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Leatherface – “Cherry Knowle” LP

The Sunderland quartet’s debut album slipped out in 1989 with very little fanfare. Poor recording quality on a DIY budget, and on a hit-n’-miss label, I guess at the time a few of us picked up on it because of the HDQ connection (is that HDQ doing Venom!? asked, well, truth be told, very few of us… our numbers were’nt many back in them lonesome days). Of course, Mush was the game changer, and the word-of-mouth world domination that followed it’s release was still some years off. However, Cherry Knowle – named after a mental health facility in Tyne and Wear – was the more modest/humble younger sibling, and not without a few well-penned Frankie Stubbs tunes of it’s own to boast about. Would never have known it back in ’89, but a classic it has become.

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