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‘Baby Blue’ vinyl with neon yellow splatter (700 copies). 2022

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No Pressure – Self-titled LP

Formed in 2020 by members of Regulate, The Story So Far and Light Years as a side project, now evolving into a full-fledged band, touring, playing fests and now this, their self-titled debut album. Hardcore looking dudes, on a hardcore label, but unleashing their energies into pure melody-powered pop-punk (the clue as always is in the the cartoony sleeve artwork). Straight away Koyo and Anxious spring to mind as comparisons, and the vocal harmonies and the chorus hooks are all pretty bang-on – like any sweetened food it’s a totally munchable snack to contrast with your staple diet of carbs/proteins/fibre/vitamins/minerals, and as such, you’d have to be buzzkill to dismiss the exhilarating sugar rush of No Pressure. And it’s not like they’re without their own nutritional value, either. As a general rule, emphasised here, pop-punk sounds best when it’s cranked-out by folk who have developed a bit of hardcore muscle (think: Dillinger Four, Shades Apart, Fastbreak, Lifetime etc.)

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