TRICKY – “Maxinquaye” LP


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180g vinyl, gatefold sleeve, includes download.

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Tricky – “Maxinquaye” LP

Trip Hop? in a distro dedicated to ‘hardcore-punk and hard rock’? Any recording with a track that rocks as hard as Tricky’s version of Black Steel is an instant certified member of the LOT stables, whatever. (Also, this distro has an unashamed West Country bias). Proof, and a timely reminder, you can rise-up out of the skunky haze of a Bristol shit-hole and record an exceptional album that is beyond time, place and classification. Aside from the trip-hop association (I wanna make some kind of snide remark about hipsters in the mid 90s with their dinner party reefer sessions – but I won’t. I didn’t get invited, and I remain secretly envious of such bourgeois decadence) this album is still a dark, dirty, banger. What next?! you ask yourselves, Prodigy? No, of course not. They were shite.

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