LIQUIDS – “Hot Liqs” LP


Not Normal Tapes / Hip Kids Records

Includes double-sided 11×13″ poster insert.

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Liquids – “Hot Liqs” LP

The American press of this modern day classic. Mat Williams has continuously proven himself the greatest punk rock songwriter of his generation. This sixteen track LP, a lo-fi, high-energy homage to a century of rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, garage, and all things punk, is testament to this fact. Members of Coneheads, C.C.T.V. and Dagger, and many more. Includes new artwork and a full color, double-sided poster insert.

Irreverent, smart-went-dumb, spin-your-head-round, crazy-crazy punk tunes, flying-by, rocket-speed, each song hooking your ears with spikey barbs. Listen… Here!

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