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Card slip-case sleeve, includes download. 2021

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Turnstile – “Glow On” LP

The third album from the Baltimiore 5-piece, currently (and successfully) spearheading their own career crossover into the mainstream rock/pop arena. And so far so good. Still essentially a hardcore band, but the new direction sends them closer to alt rock/indie pop territory; with moments of dreamy reverb, latin grooves, electonic beats and a whole bunch of mad influences – all of which are super-hooky, and just consistenetly fan-fucking-tastic, (playing whatever they damn well like, and who can blame them, rules are meant to be broken, right?). Fifteen tracks co-produced by the band themselves along with hip-hop producer Mike Elizondo, and featuring the guest vocals of Blood Orange (Test Icicles).
Same as 2018’s Time And Space album, this gatefold sleeve comes packaged within a special jacket. All copies are sealed, so I’m not sure what the vinyl varient might be. Current copies are imports from the US, cheaper, for some reason, than the ones I previously picked up from a UK distributor.

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