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Black vinyl, includes download. 2020

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Infant Island – “Beneath” LP

Starting out in 2016 from their base in Fredericksburg, Virginia this is Infant Island’s third full-length. Dog Knight Productions have landed themselves a big one here, for sure. An album that pulls together different strands – chaotic screamo, doomy ambience, swirly post rock, melodic post hardcore, chuggy sludge – into one monolithic whole. A couple of Deafheaven ideas recalibrated, (with the added bonus of a far less painful vocal style), and some shimmering moments of Envy, too.
“Virginia’s Infant Island put out two records this year, the mini-LP Sepulcher and the full-length Beneath, both of which are very good, but it’s Beneath that turns Infant Island from a great band into an extraordinary one.”
“It’s the best thing Infant Island have released by a mile and it’s one of the most stunning albums to come out of the whole recent screamo revival yet.” – Brooklyn Vegan

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