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Limited edition (20o0 copies) 200 gram vinyl. 2020

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King Crimson – “In the Court of the Crimson King” LP 40th Anniversary

The seventh studio album, recorded in 1974, by the progressive rock band from Southern England. One of those groundbreaking albums that bombed on it’s original release – with uncommercial darkness and heaviness, with awkward time signatures (what we now comfortably call ‘math rock’) – it was just too ahead of it’s time.. roughly, by twenty years. And now rightly considered one of their best recordings. Stripped down to just three piece: guitarist Robert Fripp, bassist and vocalist John Wetton and drummer Bill Bruford. The dense sound was created by the use of multiple guitar overdubs and a new multi-layered recording techniques. Less than a minute into the title track and (to our modern ears) it will all make perfect sense.

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