THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES – “Oxeneers Or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home” LP


Epitaph Records

Black vinyl. 2022

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These Arms Are Snakes – “Oxeneers Or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home” LP

Originally released in 2004 on the excellent Jade Tree label, now (unfortunately) owned by Epitaph – who consistently like nothing more than whacking the highest price possible on a simple vinyl repress… I’m sure they have good reason, and let’s not be so base as to call it out as sheer greed… (The greedy bastards!)… Oxeneers was the follow-up to the This Is Meant To Hurt You mini-album of 2003, thus making this LP my second favourite recording by These Arms Are Snakes. I have much love for this band who I would see play as often as I could back in the day. Big tunes that managed to be both complex and unhinged at the same time, bristling with a wild punk energy, (even though the sound was far removed/progressed from the obvious punk rock formula), and always thrillingly confrontational. Deservedly made available on vinyl once again.

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