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CD and book. 2024

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Reigns – “Dead Centre” – Paperback Book And CD

by Tim Farthing/Reigns

The debut novel of Wrong Speed Record’s in-house creative, Tim Farthing – who plays in Hey Colossus, noise rock trio Henry Blacker and also, here, electronic duo Reigns. An impressive multimedia package – I’m not sure if it should be considered as a new Reigns album, with an accompanying book; or a book called “Dead Centre” with an accompanying soundtrack…?
The music of Reigns is instrumental post rock, like a dubby version of God Is an Astronaut-meets-Boards Of Canada. This is their seventh album. 40 minutes long and one song in two parts.

The novel is a mysterious dark fantasy. Complete with superb pen and ink illustrations by the author, a talented bastard all round. Beginning as social commentary on hard-luck poverty (a la James Kelman) before heading a little off the rails into a twilight zone with scary echoes of classic horror movies – Carnival Of Souls, Dawn Of The Dead – creeping in… only for it to then go accelerating downwards into the underworld, craziness turned-up to the max, charging helter-skelter into Dante’s Divine Comedy, and beyond.
Now available in paperback format (the original hardback print sold out instantly).

paperback 246 pages,  15cm x 21cm.



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