POLYPHIA – “New Levels New Devils” LP


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Black vinyl. 2023

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Polyphia – “New Levels New Devils” LP

The Texas-based instrumental heavyweight’s third full-length album from2018. A prime, and super-concentrated example of what passes as ‘mathrock’ in this day and age (far removed from the Bastro/Shellac math rock that I remember from eons ago). Extra-tight technicality and genre-bending diversity to the point where it all becomes completely excessive and utterly bat-shit-bonkers, extreme to the point of being unapologetically anti-commercial, and therefore strangely endearing too. You might not want this served-up everyday of the week, but contrary to popular punk philosophy, there is a time and place for over-indulgence and needlessly complex compositions. Embrace it, celebrate it… and then go and refresh yourself with some neanderthal-thumping, smash-bash, hardcore thrash. A place for everything. In a broad church be sure to drop a log on the alter.
An album that features a rotating cast of accomplished hip hop and electronic producers, plus features from guitarists Ichika, Mateus Asato, Jason Richardson, Erick Hansel, and Mario Camarena from Chon and Yvette Young from Covet. The only vocal feature comes from one of this year’s most exciting new produces, singers, and multi-instrumentalists known as Cuco.

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