PJ Harvey – “Rid Of Me” LP


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180 gsm vinyl, includes download. 2020

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PJ Harvey – “Rid Of Me” LP

While on a US tour in 1992 the PJ Harvey band – still a three piece – seized the opportunity to record with Steve Albini. Not surprising really, considering that previous bands that Albini had recorded, such as the Breeders, Pixies, Slint and Jesus Lizard, all contain trace elements of the early PJ Harvey sound and style (and interestingly it was directly after Rid Of Me that Albini recorded In Utero). The end result of this recording session, while splitting the critics, was exactly what us noise freaks already knew to expect: a sound that was uncompromising, unpolished and unadulterated, letting all the dark neurosis and supressed tension roar into the room as if they were performing live right in front of you. This 2020 reissue, the first since the original vinyl of 1993, is faithful to the original recording and sleeve packaging, with cutting by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering under the guidance of Steve Albini.

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