OBJECTIONS – “Optimistic Sizing” LP


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Yellow vinyl. 2024

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Objections – “Optimistic Sizing” LP

The debut album for this Leeds-based indie-post punk trio, formed by drummer Neil Turps and guitarist Joe of Bilge Pump joined by Claire Adams of Nape Neck/Beards. Striking a successful balance between awkward, mathy, post rock, punkiness and a much more ear-pleasing indie pop sensibility. For example, the vocals are sung (seductively well, it has to be said), and the light, dancey rhythms have a Greg Hurley-groove (Turps after all, ever the Minutemen fan – who remembers Solanki?), but meanwhile the guitar slightly poisons the well – in a good way –  by looping and squalling around in a discordant style that reminds me of Paper Chase, and I’m grateful for being reminded of Paperchase. I’m also reminded of another Leeds band of many years ago, Month Of Birthdays – some kind of shared regional DNA, perhaps.

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