FALSE FED – “Let Them Eat Fake” LP



Grey vinyl with black splatter, gatefold sleeve. 2023

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False Fed – “Let Them Eat Fake” LP

The debut full-length for a gang of instantly recognisable old hands from the punk rock scene of times past: Stig Miller of Amebix and Zygote is on guitar; Jeff Janiak, frontman of the current line-up of Discharge, is on vocals; backed by Nausea, Ministry, and former Amebix drummer Roy Mayor. All bound together by a shared enthusiasm for dark post-punk of the 1980’s. No, not Sisters Of Mercy – thankfully, it is way more along the lines of Joy Division, especially in Jeff Janiak’s moments of Ian Curtis emulation, contrasting well with his shoutier passages that are more along the lines of Neurosis. And thankfully, Stig has maintained his enthusiasm for forging his own distinct brand of chugging guitar riffs that have become more and more aligned with those of Killing Joke’s Geordie Walker.

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