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 Black vinyl, includes insert. 2022

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Rigorous Institution – “Cainsmarsh” LP

By the pricking of my thumbs something proper wicked this way comes –  after three fantastically dark and sinister 7″ EPs, the debut full-length from Portland, Oregon’s Rigorous Institution. Summed up pretty accurately by: “Scathing vocals with smart, bleak lyrics, axe grinding riffs, driving, dirty bass lines, hypnotic percussion, atmospheric synthesizer and a sense of droning paranoia scattered throughout its entirety”. As a West Country youth of the 1980s Amebix is sown into my psyche’s DNA like a screen-print patch. And like white enamel on a black leather, Rigorous Institution have always had No Sanctuary writt large all over their collective back. But crucially, it’s an influence that is not taken in a derivative way; instead they plug direct into the threatening darkness and malevolence of the spirit of early Amebix (and without the blatant theft of Killing Joke’s best moves). Dramatic and desperate in just the right measure. Definitely one of the big hitters of the season. Apocalypse – bring it the fuck on – now.

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