CROSS STITCHED EYES – “Autosarcophagy” LP (silver)


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Silver vinyl, 305 copies, includes download. 2021

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Cross Stitched Eyes  – “Autosarcophagy” LP

Recorded between 2016 and 2017, before their 2017 US tour, and then finally finished off and mixed in 2020. Cross Stitched Eyes are know for their Rudimentary Peni influenced variation of post-(anarcho)punk. Previously, albums were released by Alternative Tentacles; and the drum stool was once occupied by the legendary Trotsky of Subhumans(!). Now trimmed down to a three piece, the current line-up is Stevie of Germany’s Anger Of Bacterias; Tim Shapland of notorious West Country outfits (of ye olde times), Smart Pils and Zygote; much sought after drummer Jason Willer (from Oakland, California), currently in Charger plus helping out Jello Biafra and his Guantanamo School Of Medicine project (and Drain The Sky). This band often pick-up a comparison to Killing Joke and Amebix, but I’m not so sure… if Crossed Stitched Eyes have influences, they are too broad and varied for me to be able to pin them down. And I like them all the more for it.
There are two versions of vinyl colour, both limited to 300, this is the silver one.

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