MUTANT STRAIN – “Murder Of Crows” LP


Sorry State Records

Black vinyl, includes inserts, poster and download. 2023

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Mutant Strain – “Murder Of Crows” LP

A vicious, frenetic hardcore-punk outfit from North Carolina. The guitar tone and overall production is raw and uncommercial, but not enough to conceal the undercurrent of catchiness and (almost) melodies – which you can almost decipher amongst the exhilarating madness of the non-stop speed and urgency. I almost forgot that Sorry State Records gave us the Tørsö (Sono Pronta A Morire) LP, and Mutant Strain remind me of that record, only, with a wilder, faster intensity that is more akin to some of the recent releases on Adult Crash Records.
And amazing packaging: front and back cover illustrations are by Jack Sabbat; inside, a huge double-sided poster insert, illustrated lyric booklet, and other fun surprises!

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