MOUTHPIECE – “Can’t Kill What’s Inside: The Complete Discography” LP


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Coke bottle clear vinyl, includes download. 2020

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Mouthpiece – “Can’t Kill What’s Inside: The Complete Discography” LP

This compiles the New Age EPs and LP: the self-titled 7″ of ’91; the What Was Said LP of ’94; the Face Tomorrow 7″ of ’95; along with tracks from various compilations. I will always name drop Mouthpiece, especially when referencing a more melodic varient of straight-edge-influenced hardcore. They were never ground breakingly original, and it didn’t matter, because they excelled so damn well at what they did – which was condensing-down the essential properties of that sound: earnest, high energy, drug-free, 1990’s hardcore anthems. New 2020 pressing on coke bottle clear. 

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